Vehicular Crimes Defense Attorneys

We spend a lot of time on the road on our motorcycles or in our vehicles, so it is no surprise that vehicular crimes account for a large percentage of all crimes in the state of Florida. While vehicular crimes may be perceived as minor and common, they can present a huge burden to drivers. Per Florida law, there are strict standards that drivers must adhere to in order to maintain safety and civic order. When vehicular crimes are committed, it is best to rely on the experience of a defense attorney, as Florida vehicular crimes may result in serious consequences.

Types of Vehicular Crimes We Can Help With

Florida Vehicular Crimes

In the state of Florida, there are specific rules, regulations, statutes, and policies that drivers are expected to follow if they desire to continue the privilege of driving and operating vehicles. These standards are employed to keep the overwhelming population safe and protected. Florida vehicular crimes vary. From basic moving violations to driving under the influence (DUI), Florida vehicular crimes are not perceived or punished lightly by traffic courts. In fact, these sorts of crimes can present significant inconveniences and sanctions to drivers. In order to continue to be eligible to drive, you may need a defense lawyer.

Why You Need A Lawyer for Vehicular Crimes

A traffic violations attorney is necessary to help you maintain your driving eligibility after being involved in a vehicular crime. The truth about vehicular crimes is that the sanctions assigned to drivers for such crimes are easily added up, thereby presenting significant obstacles to drivers. For example, moving violations and traffic tickets can result in expensive fines. If these fines are not paid within the designated time frame, a driver’s license can be suspended.

Further, for more serious traffic offenses such as DUI, fines and even jail time may be assigned. A DUI lawyer is always necessary during DUI cases. A person who operates a vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol is perceived as a driver that is impaired and unable to operate the road. Such drivers are not expected to follow traffic laws and may make sudden movements and/or actions that may present a clear danger to other drivers and pedestrians. DUIs may result in jail time and excessive fines, especially if someone is injured or damages accrue as a result.

Ultimately, a traffic ticket lawyer is beneficial for multiple reasons. Here’s why sound legal representation is necessary during these sorts of vehicular crime cases:

  • You will need compelling and convincing evidence. Lawyers are skilled in the field of research and investigation. They can help you locate and compile evidence, including photos, documents, and expert opinions. They are also helpful with contacting witnesses and convincing such witnesses to testify in a court of law. Such evidence is necessary to prove and/or support your argument in court. Lack of evidence can significantly reduce your chances of achieving a favorable outcome after committing a vehicular crime.
  • You will need an aggressive defense. No matter what, crime is a crime in the state of Florida. Naturally, people who commit crimes should be punished to ensure that such crimes are not committed again. This is the basis of our legal system. If you desire a favorable outcome for your moving violation, you need a compelling case. A lawyer can help you present your account of the incident in a way that is understanding, clear, necessary, and in a way that attracts empathy.
  • You will need legal guidance. Prosecuting attorneys are often perceived as bulldogs in traffic courts. They are able to interrogate drivers in a way that is intimidating and frightening. This method often influences drivers to feel embarrassed and ashamed, thereby presenting information in such a way that only dampens a driver’s case. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, you can trust that you will be trained on how to properly answer and respond to questions and/or attacks prompted against you. You will understand the strong legalize of attorneys and your rights and privileges.

Driving Under the Influence

Alcohol plays a part in many people's lives. We share a toast with friends and family, grab a pint to cheer on our favorite teams, and even sip a glass of wine or chardonnay with a romantic partner. But, consumption of alcohol while driving (or consuming too much alcohol prior to getting behind the wheel) is dangerous and can present a major threat to many lives. The percentage of injuries and deaths that occur as a result of DUIs is high and disproportionate. This is a problem, so Florida law attempts to correct and reverse this problem by assigning strong sanctions. A DUI attorney is always necessary in DUI cases.

Driving while under the influence (especially when under the age of 21) makes a driver appear careless and irresponsible. Why should a driver be allowed the privilege of driving and operating a vehicle if he/she cannot follow basic protocol? Other people should not be punished for a driver’s irresponsibility.

However, at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., we understand that sometimes, things happen. Drivers may feel that they are capable of driving after hours of “sobering up.” Or, drivers may feel that it is absolutely necessary for them to drive themselves home — it may be a safety issue or an emergency.

Know Your Rights With Our FAQs About DUI

No matter what may have prompted a driver to drive while under the influence, Florida police officers enforce DUI laws heavily. If a driver gains a DUI, he/she will be arrested and fined. It is imperative that such drivers contact experienced criminal defense attorneys for representation and advocacy. What's more, if you refuse to submit to a breath test after being pulled over for a DUI or any other reason, this constitutes a crime in itself, and you will suffer penalties and fines for the offense, regardless of whether or not you are charged with DUI.

Expired & Suspended Licenses

Expired and suspended licenses should not be taken lightly because they forbid drivers from using their driving privileges. While expired licenses are often the result of a driver’s inability to renew his/her license, suspended licenses are often the result of vehicular crimes.

Florida operates under a point system, which means that as violations accrue, so do points on one’s license. When a driver has a certain number of points, his/her license can be revoked or suspended.


  • If a driver gains 12 points or more in one year, his/her license can be suspended for 30 days.
  • If a driver gains 18 points or more in 18 months, his/her license can be suspended for 90 days.
  • If a driver gains 24 points or more in three years, his/her license can be suspended for a year.
  • Florida’s Point System also assigns 3-6 points for basic traffic and moving violations.

In addition to expired licenses, expired registrations can also lead to tickets and fines. It's important that you get both your license and registration renewed on time, so you can avoid getting pulled over and being penalized.

Moving Violations

Moving violations include speeding, running red lights, running stop signs, failure to adhere to Florida’s Move Over Law, and failure to pay toll fines or enter the proper Orlando toll lane. These basic traffic violations can result in excessive points on a driver’s license, fines, and even jail time. If you have been charged with a moving violation, our law firm can help.

Out-of-State Drivers

When driving out of state, you are most likely not worried about the local driving laws. However, if you receive a ticket or get in an accident, your vehicular crime will be reported back to Florida. Our attorneys can guide you through the violations or claims once you return home.

Racing on a Florida Highway

Racing on highways may seem exciting at first but comes with serious penalties. Whether you are a driver or a spectator, it is important to seek legal representation if you have been charged with racing on a highway in Florida.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is a serious offense in the state of Florida. The consequences can keep you from fulfilling daily activities. If you are charged with reckless driving, contact our Orlando law firm in order to protect your driving privileges and future.

Motorcycle Endorsements

In Florida, motorcyclists are required to carry a "Motorcycle Only" license and a motorcycle endorsement. Failing to obtain a valid motorcycle endorsement can result in being charged, paying fines, and even jail time.

Attaching Tag Not Assigned

Motor vehicles driven on the roads in Florida are required to be registered under S. 320.02, F.S. The registration tag is non-transferable among vehicles, even if the name and other information for the driver are correct. Transferring a tag can result in an attaching tag not assigned charge.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Central Florida

At the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., our experienced Orlando criminal defense attorneys are well-versed in Florida traffic law. We understand that sometimes drivers are placed in predicaments outside of their control, and vehicular crimes are not always purposeful.

Do not allow vehicular crime to ruin your life. Contact our traffic defense attorneys today.