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Insurance Disputes, Denied Claims & Bad Faith Claims

Whether it is for our homes, businesses, or automobiles, insurance companies have become a major necessity and beneficial contributor to society. They provide protection and security in emergency or unforeseen circumstances by covering certain costs and fees. In order for the funds to be disbursed, an insurance claim (or an application for benefits) must be filed with the insurance company, explaining the situation and the amount of funds that are needed to cover the expenses. It is then the insurance company’s duty to either approve or deny the request for benefits. While insurance companies can be extremely helpful to all of us, requesting benefits and reimbursement is often like pulling teeth: extremely difficult. When it comes to insurance claims, an experienced insurance claim lawyer is necessary so that you gain the benefits that you rightfully deserve.

Insurance Attorney in Orlando

At 911 Biker Law, our insurance lawyers offer a powerful combination of skills and experience. We offer a thorough understanding of personal injury law and a deep familiarity with insurance company coverage and settlement practices. This combination of skills helps personal injury clients collect the damages that we can prove on their behalf. It also helps homeowners, business owners and other policyholders get the benefit of their coverage when an insurer resists payment on casualty losses.

We Handle All Types of Insurance Disputes / Claims

Contact us in Altamonte Springs to learn how our experience with the resolution of insurance coverage disputes can save you money and stress. We advise clients in Orlando and Central Florida about a wide range of casualty loss claims.

Our insurance practice areas include:

  • Hail & Wind Damage Claims
  • Theft & Burglary Insurance Claims
  • Life, Disability and Commercial Insurance Disputes
  • Long & Short Term Disability Claims
  • Motorcycle Claims
  • Appraisal/ Mediation Homeowners’ Claims

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Don't put off qualified representation due to fears of paying additional fees. In many situations, your attorney fees can be recovered directly from the insurer, especially when there is no sound basis for denying coverage or refusing a fair settlement. In other cases, we can collect our fee as a percentage of what we can recover from your insurer. There is no reason to let an insurance company bully you or do business in bad faith. A bad faith insurance lawyer can help you undergo thorough investigation and research, and ensure that your needs are handled appropriately.

Denials of Insurance Claims

Often, insurance claims are denied. This can be due to a variety of reasons.

  • The insurance company may not actually cover all types of damages. It is very important to carefully read the contracts that you enter with your insurance company, and it is even more important to understand. Many times, insurance contracts are wordy and technical, but there should always be “fine print” which includes disclaimers, warnings, and general important information to note. Many people file insurance claims for damages that are not specifically covered within their contract. It is also important to keep in mind that insurance companies are not responsible for merely maintaining your home, business and/or vehicle. Rather, their job is to help you cover the unexpected and immediate damages.
  • Failure to pay. When you enter into a contract with an insurance company, you are expected to make steady payments. A consistent record of late payments and/or a lack of payment can allow you to be viewed negatively by your insurance carrier. Therefore, insurance companies may revoke your insurance claim, even if it is legitimate, because of a poor paying record.
  • Late insurance claim. There is always a strict timeframe when it comes to insurance companies. As soon as the damage happens, it is imperative that you submit an insurance claim. If you wait too long, the insurance company may reject your petition, and you will be responsible for covering the damages on your own.
  • Bad Faith / Unfair Claim Handling. Unfortunately, some insurance companies do not behave in an ethical way. When insurance companies misrepresent pertinent policy facts, refuse to provide compensation without undergoing a thorough investigation, fail to respond to your insurance claim within a reasonable timeframe, or fail to provide a detailed explanation as to why the insurance claim was denied, the insurance company is practicing in bad faith and/or handling your claim unfairly.

Can I Sue My Insurance Company?

While you do have the right to file a lawsuit against your insurance company for not adhering to policy and reasonable standards of care and professionalism, your suit will most likely be unsuccessful without the assistance of an experienced insurance defense lawyer. The hardcore reality is that insurance companies have a lot of money, power, and support. If you desire to sue your insurance company, you must have a compelling case. This means that you need detailed proof/evidence of wrongdoing, which must be documented and presented concisely in court.

Dependable Advice Regarding Insurance Disputes

You pay money into your insurance company, so you rightfully should expect to be covered when emergencies and damages occur. Insurance claim disputed occur way too often. The role of insurance lawyers is to help you understand the contract that you enter with insurance companies, know your rights, file claims in a timely and most appropriate manner, and, when necessary, file successful lawsuits. If you need advice about your rights in a case of low settlement offer, refused coverage or other claim denials, contact an Orlando accident attorney at 911 Biker Law.