Out-of-State Driving Violations in Florida

Out-of-State Driver Defense Attorney

When you are driving out of state, you are probably thinking about the family you are visiting, the next business meeting you have to attend or the beautiful sights you are about to see. Most likely, you are not worried about getting a traffic ticket. However, this just might happen. In fact, you may be more likely to get into a motorcycle accident or violate a traffic rule because you are unfamiliar with the local laws or the direction you are heading. If you do receive a ticket of any kind, let a traffic violations attorney from 911 Biker Law help you figure out your next step.

Implications of Committing a Vehicular Crime in a Foreign State

The degree to which you are held responsible for violations is dependent on your home state. The Driver’s License Compact is an agreement among 44 states in the United States that exchange information regarding infractions and license suspensions. Florida is one of the participating members. If you are a Florida resident and are convicted of a traffic crime while in another state, your violation will be reported back to Florida and you will be charged as if you committed the violation in-state.


Though some traffic laws vary from state to state, the legal blood alcohol content of .08 is the same for every state. Due to the DLC, your violation will be communicated back to your local government but the state in which you were caught may also choose to penalize you as well. While they cannot revoke your license, they can still fine you or sentence you to time in prison. An Orlando car accident lawyer from 911 Biker Law can help minimize the consequences you will face.

Auto & Motorcycle Accidents

When traveling to other states, you spend a fair amount of time on interstates, which can be hazardous for motorcycles in particular. In many auto accidents involving motorcycles, a car driver fails to see a motorcyclist sharing the roadway. It could be because the car driver is used to looking for and being aware of larger vehicles on the road, and a motorcycle is so much smaller that the presence of a motorcycle does not register for the driver the same way a large vehicle would. Similarly, due to their smaller size, a motorcyclist might be in an automobile’s blind spot and the auto driver cannot see them. If you do get into an accident, one of our Orlando accident attorneys can can offer you the guidance and support you need as you work through your motorcycle and car accident claims when you return home.

Contesting an Out-of-State Traffic Ticket in Florida

When you agree to pay a ticket or choose to take driving school, you are admitting guilt. Your admission may then translate to an increase in insurance or points on your driver’s license. If you wish to avoid these consequences, it may be best to fight them. This situation can be further complicated if you were merely passing through the state. Yet, an accident attorney can contest it for you. A knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer Orlando residents trust will investigate the accident and determine fault. We will fight to get you the compensation that you deserve, both from your insurance company and other parties involved in the accident, if applicable. Contact our Orlando law firm today for a free consultation about your options.