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Accidents occur at astounding rates each day. Whether it is a car or motorcycle accident, accidents on the road can lead to serious injury and costly damages. An experienced accident lawyer is necessary to ensure that you and your family receive lawful compensation.

Examples of the kinds of personal injury cases we handle include:

Orlando Auto Accident Attorneys & Personal Injury Lawyer

At 911 Biker Law and the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, our Orlando accident attorneys will go above and beyond to protect your rights after an accident. Here’s what an experienced personal injury lawyer at our firm can do for you:

  • Ensure that all necessary paperwork is properly filed and documented in a timely manner
  • Contact and interview any and all witness; gather testimonial support
  • Negotiate in your favor and advocate on your behalf during private meetings and court room sessions
  • Undergo thorough investigation and contact professionals in relevant fields for additional testimonial and evidentiary support
  • Contact the party that may have caused the accident in order to collect necessary payments

Contact an experienced accident lawyer for assistance and support after you experience an accident of any sort.

What Is Duty of Care?

While our firm will do everything that we can to provide your family with premier legal representation, it is also our policy to educate as many individuals as possible on proper road etiquette. Whether a person is operating a car or a motorcycle, a reasonable duty of care is expected. In other words, every person who has a license is expected to operate his/her vehicle safely, follow traffic rules and regulations, and avoid illegal and/or distractions (such as eating, drinking or texting) while on the road. This prevents unnecessary car accidents from occurring.

If your car or motorcycle accident occurs as a result of an opposing party’s failure to act with a reasonable sense of care, a car accident lawyer at 911 Biker Law and the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne will help you obtain proper compensation.

What Is Subrogation?

Many times, after a car or motor accident occurs, insurance companies cover the expenses of damages, and then seek compensation from the party responsible. This process is known as subrogation. With the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can rest assured that your insurance provider will receive all of its funds back through valid payments after affording the expenses on your behalf.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

At the same time, our commitment to the best interests of bikers means that we do whatever it takes to realize the maximum compensation available on a motorcycle injury claim.

Although our lawyers focus on the most serious injury claims, we also represent bikers whose injuries involve road rash, fractures or severe soft tissue trauma. Our ability to help with property damage and repair claims can also represent an important benefit of working with our firm.

To learn more about our experience and commitment in motorcycle injury litigation anywhere in Florida, contact an experienced Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer.


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At 911 Biker Law, our Orlando attorneys are competent litigators who practice in several areas of law to better serve our Central Florida community. In addition to aggressive motorcycle accident and personal injury representation, we also serve clients with:

You can count on our law firm to fight for your rights, whether you are going through a divorce, determining child custody or support, have been denied an insurance claim, or are in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact the lawyers of 911 Biker Law and the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne today.