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Permitting an unauthorized or unlicensed person to operate a vehicle is strictly prohibited in the state of Florida. Outlined in Florida Statute §322.36, this law states, "A person may not authorize or knowingly permit a motor vehicle owned by him or her or under his or her dominion or control to be operated upon any highway or public street except by a person who is duly authorized to operate a motor vehicle…" The charge for permitting an unauthorized person to operate a motor vehicle carries a number of legal consequences, especially if it results in an accident.

This offense often occurs when an individual allows a friend or family member to borrow their vehicle, often entirely unaware their loved one is unauthorized to drive. If you've been charged with permitting an unauthorized person to drive, one of our experienced traffic ticket attorneys can help contest the charge.

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What Constitutes An Unauthorized Driver?

Typically, an unauthorized driver/operator is either a minor or someone who has had their license revoked. A person is considered unauthorized to operate a motor vehicle if they meet any of the following criteria.

  • They Don't Have A Driver's License
  • Their License Is Expired
  • Their License Is Suspended
  • Their License Has Been Canceled
  • Their License Has Been Revoked

Legal Penalties

In Florida, permitting an unauthorized person to operate a motor vehicle is punishable as a second-degree misdemeanor. Penalties for committing this kind of offense include the following.

  • Up To 60 Days In Jail
  • Up To $500 In Fines
  • Up To Six Months Probation

On top of those penalties, an offender's insurance rates can increase and points may be added to their license, possibly resulting in a suspension.

Common Defenses

To be charged with the crime of permitting an unauthorized person to drive under Florida law, an individual must know the person they're allowing to operate their vehicle is unauthorized to drive. In many cases, the unauthorized individual is unaware their license has been revoked/canceled/suspended, causing the person allowing them to drive to be unaware as well. Additionally, the unauthorized individual could have lied to gain access to a loved one's car. In either case, the vehicle owner cannot be charged with a crime, as they were unaware the crime was taking place.

How Our Defense Attorneys Can Help

The defense attorneys of 911 Biker Law are well-versed in Florida traffic law and have years of experience defending motorists against criminal traffic violations. Our skilled traffic ticket lawyers can formulate a compelling defense strategy and present a clear account of evidence to help you avoid unfavorable legal penalties. Contact one of our experienced Orlando defense attorneys today to schedule a case consultation!