Traffic Ticket Defense

Traffic tickets are some of the most common notices that drivers receive. At the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., our aggressive defense attorneys understand that at times, traffic tickets are unavoidable. Often, actions that result in traffic tickets may be the result of conduct that was necessary to avoid harm, legally justified or simply a mistake. By trusting our defense lawyers, you can be confident that your legal needs will be met.

Benefits Of Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers

After receiving a traffic ticket, a driver can do one of two things: either pay the assigned fine (which can be extremely costly) or go to court to contest the ticket. If the driver chooses the latter, the assistance of a traffic violations attorney may be necessary.

Traffic tickets are given out regularly by police officials for failed adherence to basic traffic law violations. Tickets do not just present financial challenges to drivers — they can often result in points on one’s record, suspension of one’s driver’s license, arrest (if fines are not paid in a timely manner), and even increases in one’s auto insurance rates.

A traffic ticket lawyer can help you to fight a traffic ticket properly so that these sort of damages do not take a toll on your life, finances or driving record. Consider what a defense attorney can do for you:

  • Assist with timely filing of documents
  • Compile compelling evidence to support your claim
  • Demonstrate in a court of law that it is necessary to revoke the traffic ticket
  • Challenge the officer’s observations
  • Help you prepare your statements for court
  • Provide general legal counsel, guidance, support and advice
  • Negotiate and advocate on your behalf

Types Of Tickets That Should Be Contested

Because of the varying negative impacts that traffic tickets can present to drivers, it is always a good idea to fight them. However, some types of tickets have much more favorable likelihoods of being revoked by traffic courts. When deciding which tickets you should dispute in a court of law, you should consider the events that led to the traffic violation. Was there a compelling reason to run a stop sign? Were you attempting to avoid a crash (or other dangerous activity/event)? Did the sudden movement of another driver prompt you to violate a traffic law? These sort of demonstrations often result in successful traffic law revocations.

If you incur a more serious traffic violation, such as a DUI, you may wish to contact a DUI lawyer, as these offenses are much more serious, and may be more difficult to contest.

What To Expect When Fighting A Traffic Ticket

If you decide to contest a traffic ticket, you should expect a trial in court. Expect to arrive to court in a timely manner in business casual attire. In most cases, the officer who prescribed the ticket will present his/her account of the incident. Then, your defense lawyer will cross examine the officer, and present your defense. The usage of evidence and witnesses can be used to support your defense. Afterwards, you will be cross-examined by the prosecuting attorney. You should expect to be truthful and careful with your answers. Upon reviewing all of the narratives, facts and evidence presented, the judge will then make his/her decision. The result may be a reduction in the fine of the traffic ticket, alternative sanctions such as traffic school and/or total cancellation of the traffic ticket.

Types Of Tickets & Moving Violations

There are many moving violations a driver can be cited for in Florida, such as:

  • Reckless driving;
  • Running a red light or stop sign;
  • Speeding; and
  • Violation of a traffic control device.

What Are My Options When Issued A Speeding Or Moving Violation?

Each day, drivers throughout Orlando receive a traffic ticket for speeding or another type of moving violation. When this happens, there are four options a driver can choose from for handling a traffic ticket. If you’re unsure of which option would be best for your situation, contact a vehicular crimes attorney with 911 Biker Law to discuss your situation.

1. Admit Responsibility

A driver can admit responsibility by either paying the fine and/or entering a no contest plea. This plea is a technicality where responsibility isn’t admitted or denied.

2. Contest The Citation

The success of contesting, or fighting, a traffic ticket weighs on several factors, such as:

  • Photos of the scene, witness statements, and other evidence that can challenge the basis for the ticket;
  • A mistake of fact, such as a stop sign being obscured from view by overgrown trees;
  • Your conduct was legally justified; and/or
  • The moving violation was committed to avoid harming yourself or others.

If you decide to contest a traffic citation, contact a traffic ticket attorney in Orlando with 911 Biker Law. Our law firm has helped many clients in traffic court with successful results. Contact 911 Biker Law today to discuss your case.

3. Consult With An Orlando Traffic Ticket Lawyer

At first, it may seem unnecessary to contact an attorney. But consider the potential impact a moving violation can have on your life:

  • Some employers and jobs require a clean driving record;
  • Car insurance premiums generally increase with a traffic ticket, even if it’s the first you’ve had;
  • The fine associated with a traffic ticket can range from under $100 to up to $500, depending on the moving violation type;
  • Each traffic ticket has a point value assigned to it — if a certain total of points is reached within a specified time frame, your license will be suspended.

Conviction of a speeding or moving violation can also have additional penalties depending on the situation, your driving record, and other factors. The traffic ticket lawyers in Orlando with 911 Biker Law can discuss the case with you and provide guidance for what your legal options may be.

4. Attend Traffic School

Traffic school, also called driver improvement schools, focus on improving a driver’s awareness and skills behind the wheel by reviewing and teaching driving areas such as:

  • Driver and traffic exposure and knowledge;
  • Traffic perceptual skills; and
  • Vehicle control and procedures.

If successfully completed, the points associated with the moving violation won’t be added to your driving record. Drivers have 30 days after receiving a moving violation to voluntarily attend traffic school. If a driver chooses not to attend traffic school within the 30-day time frame, they lose the right to attend and will have points assessed to their driving record. But, attending traffic school doesn’t release a driver from their responsibility of paying the fine. Failure to pay the fine will result in suspension of your driver’s license.

Aggressive Traffic Ticket Attorneys In Central Florida

At the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., or aggressive defense lawyers have been serving the Central Florida region for many years. Do not allow a traffic ticket and/or traffic violation to disrupt your pockets or your driving record. Traffic tickets can be disputes, and with the assistance of our experienced traffic defense attorneys, they can be revoked successfully.

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