No Motorcycle Endorsement Charges

Whether you just purchased your first motorcycle or are moving with your old one to Florida from another state, before you enjoy riding along the Sunshine State, make sure you obtain all the necessary credentials. There are two types of documents that authorize people to operate most two- or three-wheeled vehicles: motorcycle endorsements and “Motorcycle Only” licenses.

Motorcycle Endorsement in Orlando, FL

As opposed to the self-explanatory “Motorcycle Only” license, a motorcycle endorsement is a credential added to your current, valid Florida driver’s license that authorizes you to operate your bike with that license and stays valid for as long as the license does. An endorsement also shows you’ve successfully completed a Basic Rider Course (BRC) from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). This course teaches the fundamentals of appropriate motorcycle operation including communication and sharing the roadways, safe and smooth turns, and how to handle emergency situations.

To request it, you need to first have obtained a Class E Florida driver’s license and completed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic RiderCourse within the past year. You can get your endorsement at your local driver license office or DHSMV tax collector office after providing your certificate of completion for the Basic RiderCourse, the necessary identification documents and payment for the licensing and endorsement fees.

New Florida residents who have a valid motorcycle endorsement from another state, except Alabama, can have it reciprocated and not require the motorcycle course. For an Alabama license to be reciprocated, it must have a Motorcycle Safety Foundation BRC completion card shown with the license.

Why Should You Get an Endorsement?

Because cars and motorcycles are distinct types of vehicles that require different skill sets and involve a variety of risks, you should never assume that having a Class E license for noncommercial motors is sufficient for you to be allowed to drive a motorcycle and/or be off the hook in case you are stopped by law enforcement officers or involved in an accident. Instead, treat driving a motorcycle without an endorsement as you would the idea of driving any car without a license.

In Florida, being caught operating a motorcycle without the necessary endorsement is a criminal second-degree misdemeanor that could result in a $500 fine, up to six months of probation and/or up to 60 days in the county jail. Motorcycle accident attorneys know that, in many cases, getting the endorsement on your license is a big step toward mitigation of your sentence and could result in a dismissal of your charge. Contact an Orlando motorcycle lawyer with 911 Biker Law to make sure you know your rights and duties as a motorcycle owner.

What to Do if You Have Been Charged

If you have been stopped by law enforcement officers or involved in an accident without a motorcycle endorsement in your driver’s license, contact an Orlando motorcycle accident attorney immediately. It can be simple for prosecutors to win a case regarding a no motorcycle endorsement charge because all they have to do is prove through the DMV’s record that the accused individual did not have the proper authorization document when operating the vehicle. Working with an attorney is important because although you may be found guilty, a good lawyer could get the criminal charge off your record and fight for reduced charges. Moreover, if you did have the proper endorsement at the time of an accident, and because of a mishap you are being accused of not having it, definitely hire a lawyer to fight for your case.

Choose an Orlando Motorcycle Lawyer

If you were involved in an accident or found operating a motorcycle or another type of two- or three-wheeled motorized vehicle without the proper endorsement or other document of authorization, contact 911 Biker Law to begin working with a traffic defense attorney Orlando residents and visitors can trust. Our experienced lawyers can assist you in a time of stress, remind you of your rights and duties, gather evidence needed to support your case and fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed, depending on the situation. Call our office today for a consultation.