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The ability to drive means everything to many people. Without it, they’re unable to get to work, school, and other places they need to go. A driver’s license suspension can throw your life into turmoil, but an Orlando suspended license attorney with 911 Biker Law can help you through the process, including filing for a hardship license if possible. Contact our office today to discuss your case.

Penalties Leading To Florida License Suspension

When a driver’s license is suspended in Florida, it’s the result of a previous action or inaction as a driver. Each penalty has a series of steps which need to be completed before a suspended license can be reinstated, though the length of time varies in each case.

Failure To Comply Or Appear At Traffic Summons

An indefinite suspension results when a driver doesn’t follow or appear for traffic summons. It’s also issued for unpaid traffic fines.

Incapacity To Safely Operate A Motor Vehicle

If the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has reason to believe a driver is physically or mentally unqualified to operate a motor vehicle, the driver must submit medical reports for review. The DHSMV’s Medical Advisory Board reviews the information and determines whether the driver is qualified to drive or not. If not, a one-year driving suspension is issued.

Non-DUI Violation Resulting In Death Or Serious Bodily Injury

A three-month to one-year suspension is issued for any traffic violation that causes serious bodily injury or death to another person.

Incomplete Driver Improvement School

If a court orders driver improvement school, or if a person elects for it but doesn’t attend, their license is suspended.

Too Many Points On Driving Record

Being convicted of a traffic offense adds points to your driving record in Florida. Each offense has a certain number of points assigned to it with a license suspension issued if a certain points total is reached within a specified timeframe. Suspensions range from 30-days to one-year depending on points accumulated within a timeframe.

Fraudulent Driver's License

Your license may be suspended for up to one year if you obtain a fraudulent driver’s license. But, it’s possible to file a petition to determine whether fraud was committed through a hearing; if the hearing determines there was no fraud, the suspension is removed.

Owe Child Support

A driver’s license can be suspended with an order from the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) if a driver is behind on child support payments. The suspension is indefinite until DOR determines child support payments are current.

What Happens When You Drive With A Suspended License

Every time you drive with a suspended license in Florida, you’re risking a Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) charge. The penalties for this charge range from a civil penalty, such as a fine or relinquishing the license, to a third-degree felony. Part of the range of penalties lies with whether the driver knew their license was suspended or not.

What To Do If Your License Is Suspended

You'll receive an official notice of the suspension in the mail, outlining how long the suspension will last. To avoid being pulled over while driving with a suspended license and facing a Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) charge, which carries harsh penalties, you’ll need to find alternate forms of transportation during the suspension period.

Start Reinstatement

Reinstatement can include paying fees related to the penalty which led to the suspension and the reinstatement fee itself, along with applying for a hardship license. A hardship license restricts you to driving for employment or business purposes only. It’s only an option for suspensions or revocations related to driving record points accumulation; traffic violation that resulted in serious bodily injury or death; and habitual traffic offender.

Surrender License

Though it’s suspended, you still need to turn in, or surrender, the current license with DHSMV.  The suspension itself starts when DHSMV receives the license and reinstates it when the stated time frame is over. Unless the license is promptly surrendered, the initial suspension time frame is extended.

Contact An Orlando Suspended License Attorney

An Orlando suspended license attorney can help you sort through the long process of having a suspended driver’s license. 911 Biker Law has helped many clients complete the suspension period and just as many successfully appeal a suspended license with DHSMV.

How To Get A Suspended License Reinstated

There are several steps to get a suspended license reinstated beyond paying the $45 reinstatement fee. An Orlando suspended license attorney with 911 Biker Law can help you through the reinstatement process and make sure all necessary paperwork is completed and submitted to the DHSMV.

Performing Original Requirement

If you were originally issued a traffic summons, the original issue needs to be completed, such as attending and completing driver improvement school or paying an outstanding fine. The traffic court for the county in which the summons was issued can tell you what requirements need to be done.

D-6 Court Clearance

If a citation requires a driver to appear in court, pay a fine, or complete any other condition related to a traffic violation, and the driver doesn’t follow through, an indefinite D-6 suspension is issued. A D-6 court clearance form shows any outstanding requirement has been satisfactorily completed.

How To Fight A License Suspension

Given how people depend on getting to work, school, and anywhere else by driving, a driver’s license suspension can wreak havoc on your life. Also, unless you regularly check what the DHSMV has on file for your driving record, a points accumulation can build over time before blindsiding you with a suspension. If you’ve received notice of a suspension or revocation, it’s important to immediately contact a revoked license attorney in Orlando with 911 Biker Law. With years of experience fighting license suspensions and revocations, we understand how to build and present a compelling case to help you fight the suspension. Contact our office today to begin restoring your right to drive in Florida.

Orlando License Suspension Lawyer

A driver’s license suspension can be a daunting and stressful situation. Yet, 911 Biker Law has handled numerous suspension cases and reviews all the facts regarding each case individually. This attention to detail allows us to vigorously defend your case and give you every opportunity possible to keep your license. Contact an Orlando license suspension lawyer with 911 Biker Law today to discuss your case.