Sport, Rec Vehicles & Off-Roading Accidents

The personal injury lawyers at 911 Biker Law work with people in Orlando and the greater Central Florida region, including Tampa and Melbourne, who need advice about damage claims for accidents relating to all-terrain vehicles, mopeds and scooters.

Sport, Recreation & ATV Rollover Accidents

The most common forms of sport and recreation vehicles include ATVs (three-wheelers and four-wheelers), dirt bikes, mopeds/scooters, and SUVs. There are laws that regulate the usage and operation of each of these vehicles. For more information on Florida all-terrain vehicle laws, experienced personal injury lawyers at 911 Biker Law can assist you with everything that you need.

ATVs (Four-Wheelers)/Three-Wheeler Accidents

What is an ATV?

An ATV is an all-terrain vehicle that operates on three or four wheels. These powerful vehicles are ideal for all types of land, especially for land that is often used and cultivated for agriculture. With its fast speed, motor power, and ability to make sharp turns, it is imperative that drivers and passengers of ATVs follow safety protocol.

Because operators of ATVs often travel off-road on unsteady grounds, ATVs may often flip over or roll uncontrollably. It is common for drivers to be thrown off of of their ATVs, making ATV rollover accidents extremely serious and often life-threatening. These common types of three-wheeler and/or quad bike accidents contribute to traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, neck fractures, and even chest and abdominal injuries. It is imperative that you contact a personal injury lawyer for assistance if you experience an ATV-related injury.

Over the years, Florida ATV laws have been implemented to keep drivers, passengers, and innocent bystanders safe. For example, there are minimal age requirements for ATV drivers. To operate an ATV without the supervision of an adult, the driver must be at least 16 years old. If the driver plans to drive on public lands, a special safety certificate is required. Such certificate is usually given after the completion of ATV training courses. Florida ATV laws also require ATV drivers to wear appropriate safety gear (eye glasses and helmets) and forbids the carrying of passengers on ATV unless the particular all-terrain vehicle is designed for more than one passenger.

Dirt Bike Accidents

Dirt bikes are becoming increasingly popular. Largely used for recreational activities (such as racing), these huge, powerful bikes are ideal for sandy grounds. Although dirt biking can be fun and adventurous, the accidents and injuries associated with dirt bikes are far from appealing.

Due to sharp jumps, twists, and turns on a course or off-road trail, and the general fast speeds of a dirt bike, it is common for operators of dirt bikes to lose control of the vehicle. When this happens, knee injuries, shoulder snaps, collarbone breaks and general sprains may occur. Laws that regulate the usage and operation of dirt bikes are very similar to ATV laws.

Moped / Scooter Accidents

Many drivers use scooters and/or mopeds on the road. While these vehicles are compact and convenient, they can also be extremely dangerous. First, there is only so much weight that can be placed on a scooter or moped in order for it to run smoothly. Many people, especially college students, drive scooters with 1-2 passengers. Scooters were not designed to hold more than 1-2 people, so any additional passengers can contribute to the scooter’s failure. This practice is also considered illegal in the state of Florida.

Further, because of their compact nature, scooters and mopeds are difficult to see for many drivers of cars, trucks and buses. Or, they may drive incredibly close to the back of the scooter, causing the driver of the scooter to feel rushed. In some cases, drivers of cars and trucks may unknowingly run scooters over. These are the most common types of scooter and moped accidents which contribute to severe cuts, bruises, and dislocation of joints.

Florida laws require proper licensing for scooter operators. Operators of scooters and mopeds are also encouraged to wear protective gear such as glasses, helmets, and sturdy shoes. And of course, drivers must follow basic traffic guidelines.

SUV Accidents

SUVs are large and sturdy. However, these vehicles are prone to flipping over, being unstable, and/or colliding with other vehicles (especially if the driver makes a sudden turn or otherwise turns too quickly). SUV accidents can cause severe injuries and even death. Because rollovers are the most common types of SUV accidents, it is best to contact an experienced SUV rollover attorney for assistance.

Liability Issues in Off-Road Vehicle Accidents

The liability issues in off-roading accidents can differ significantly from those that will need to be resolved in car, truck or motorcycle accident cases. Negligent operation by a driver at fault might not be as great a factor as negligent supervision of an inexperienced or underage rider, failure to warn of risks inherent in normal use, or even product defect considerations in the design or assembly of an ATV.

The insurance issues in an off-road accident might be different as well. Neither the vehicle nor the driver might be explicitly covered under a recreational vehicle insurance policy. Your lawyers may need to investigate the insurance coverage of a homeowner, property owner, rental operator or retailer to make sure that the damages you can prove can be collected.

Scooters, mopeds and ATVs are a lot of fun, which leads some riders to believe these sports vehicles are not as dangerous as other vehicles. However, a scooter accident, moped accident or ATV accident can have serious results. Scooter and moped collisions that occur with another personal vehicle can have devastating results and result in lifelong injuries. Off-road accidents on ATVs can be just as serious and deadly as riders must contend with the terrain, avoiding trees, rocks, roots and sharp declines/drop-offs.

A personal injury lawyer is necessary to help you successfully file an all-terrain damage claim and to receive compensation for your injuries.

Orlando Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers

At 911 Biker Law, our first priority in an ATV accident case is to make sure that your injuries have been properly diagnosed and treated, and that none of your injuries were overlooked in emergency treatment. We work with people who suffered any of the following injuries:

  • Fractures
  • Severe soft tissue damage
  • Head or brain injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Back, neck or spinal cord trauma

As well as advising accident victims who were hurt on land-based recreational vehicles, we also handle personal injury claims and wrongful death litigation related to personal watercraft on the lakes around Orlando. To discuss your situation with an experienced Florida ATV accident attorney, contact our law firm.