Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Orlando, FL

The risk of multi-vehicle accidents in Orlando can increase because of several factors, including an around-the-clock high volume of traffic, changing weather conditions and abundant construction zones. If you or loved ones have been injured in a multi-vehicle accident, contact an accident attorney in Orlando with 911 Biker Law. Our firm has years of experience assisting motorists and motorcyclists alike in receiving the full compensation due to them.

Common Causes of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Single- and multiple-vehicle accidents can have similar causes, but the dangers increase with more vehicles involved. For instance, in multi-vehicle accidents, consequences can be especially devastating for motorcyclists because of their lack of physical protection.


Speeding can not only cause multi-vehicle accidents but also increase their severity because of the greater force of vehicular impact.

Failure To Slow Down Or Stop On Time

Many crashes happen when a driver fails to break on time after the vehicle ahead stops or slows down. The odds increase with tailgating, the term for when drivers don’t leave enough space between their vehicles and the ones in front of them to prevent other vehicles on the road from cutting the line. If several drivers are tailgating and one of them stops abruptly, a chain-reaction crash may happen.

Distracted Driving

Using a cell phone, changing the radio station, or attempting to do any task other than driving is distracting. Without full awareness of the roadway and traffic slowing down ahead or around them, a distracted driver may cause a multi-vehicle accident.

Weather Conditions

Heavy rain or fog create treacherous driving conditions and increase the risk of multi-vehicle accidents. The poor visibility and slippery roadways that result from inclement weather require driving at lower speeds and leaving more space between vehicles.

Common Types of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

These are three of the most common types the Orlando accident attorneys at 911 Biker Law have seen.

Intersection Crashes

When a driver hurries through an intersection, usually attempting to beat a changing light, they may hit another vehicle and cause a chain reaction. Motorcyclists are often struck at intersections when another vehicle makes a turn as the motorcyclist is going straight. Left-hand turns are responsible for 42 percent of all accidents between a motorcycle and car, whether at an intersection or on another roadway.

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The higher speeds and traffic volume on highways can increase the risks and dangers associated to multi-vehicle accidents. For example, drivers who witness an accident may swerve in an attempt to avoid it and inadvertently cause another one. Highway construction zones are common locations for multi-vehicle accidents, as they sometimes force drivers coming from several lanes to cram into a single one at reduced speeds. If one or more drivers aren’t paying attention as they enter a construction zone, a multi-vehicle collision may occur.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions frequently occur on highways as drivers slow down (or fail to do so) around another accident. Speeding and distracted driving are infamous contributors to rear-end collisions.

What To Do If You’re In A Multi-Vehicle Accident

Call 911

As soon as you’re able or it’s safe to do so, call 911. Serious injuries that frequently result from multi-vehicle accidents — such as fractured bones and head and brain injuries — require immediate medical attention.

Stay In The Vehicle

It’s important to stay in your vehicle, with the seatbelt fastened, until law enforcement or medical personnel let you know it’s safe to exit. Because many multi-vehicle accidents continue escalating for several minutes, staying in the vehicle provides some protection if another vehicle joins the crash.

Write Down What You Saw

This may take some time given the stress of the situation, but write down your account of the accident in the most detailed way possible. Things to make note of include:

  • Weather conditions;
  • Roadway conditions; and
  • Other vehicles involved.

Any notes you can make of the accident will be of great help to a personal injury lawyer in Orlando assisting you with filing claims.

Orlando Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Multi-vehicle accidents are complex and highly stressful situations that can have overwhelming consequences for drivers and motorcyclists. At 911 Biker Law, you’ll find a team of highly skilled Orlando motorcycle accident lawyers with the tenacity necessary to battle insurance companies for full compensation. Contact us today.