Campus Accident Attorneys

Campus Accident Attorneys

Colleges and Universities are responsible for upholding adequate safety levels for the many students and guests who visit their campuses daily. Schools that are negligent in remediating safety hazards or fail to keep students and staff out of harm's way can be held liable for injuries incurred from on-campus accidents. If you or your student have been injured in an on-campus accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney with 911 Biker Law today for a case consultation!

Common Causes Of Campus Accidents

Given the sheer size and scale of the average campus plus the number of daily activities students participate in, there are several ways an injury can take place on college grounds. The following are some of the more common causes of campus accidents and injuries.

Liability In Campus Accidents

Filing a claim against a state college or public university for injuries incurred on their premises can be difficult as these government institutions are generally protected by sovereign immunity. Essentially, sovereign immunity means schools and their staff can’t be sued. However, should a school exhibit negligence in providing a safe environment for students and visitors, sovereign immunity may be waived. There are two kinds of negligence a college or university may exhibit: premises negligence and negligent supervision.

Premises Negligence

Premises negligence refers to injuries caused by unaddressed safety hazards across school grounds. Examples of such conditions include faulty lighting, cracked or uneven pavement, unsanitary living conditions, inadequate security, poorly maintained stairwells, etc. For premises negligence claims to be pursued, the plaintiff must first prove that the school was aware of the safety hazard and took no action towards eliminating it. 

Negligent Supervision

Negligent supervision refers to injuries suffered when an individual tasked with the legal responsibility to supervise others fails to do so responsibly. Principals, deans, professors, and other school personnel fall into the supervisor category, and their negligence may result in student injury.

What To Do Following A Campus Accident

Seek Medical Attention

First and foremost, if you or a loved one are in any kind of accident, immediately seek medical attention. The full scope of an injury may not always be readily apparent, so having a professional examine the wound can save you trouble down the line. Additionally, a medical report detailing the injury will be necessary in building a compelling case.

Document The Accident

If possible, document the hazard that led to the injury by taking a picture or video. Doing so is also crucial to building a compelling case and ensures the school doesn’t attempt to dismiss your claim by covering up the hazard.

Report The Incident To Campus Authorities

After seeking medical assistance and documenting the hazard, report the incident to the proper campus authorities; this will usually be the campus police. They will document what happened in an incident report, which you should be sure to request a copy of. 

How Our Accident Attorney Can Help

On their own, victims of campus accidents may be persuaded to settle for less than they’re owed or even have their claims dismissed entirely. Luckily, the personal injury lawyers at 911 Biker Law have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure this doesn’t happen. Our accident attorneys work with you to construct the most robust case possible and provide crucial guidance amidst litigation to secure maximum compensation. You don’t have to face this alone — contact us today to begin building your case!