Motorcycle & Truck Accidents

Orlando Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: Truck Accidents

The Central Florida motorcycle attorneys at 911 Biker Law represent local and out-of-state motorcyclists who were injured in crashes with trucks or commercial vehicles. We also represent the families of bikers in Florida wrongful death litigation. Our experienced lawyers understand how personal injury cases and wrongful death claims can differ from other types of accident claims once a trucking company and its insurer is involved in the claim. This experience can represent an important litigation advantage for you and your family.

Contact our motorcycle accident lawyers for a free consultation for all injury and insurance cases about presenting your damages claims for injuries or fatalities related to a collision between a motorcycle and a semi tractor-trailer combination, delivery van, taxi, airport limo or any other commercial vehicle. Many factors combine to make motorcycle-truck accident cases quite a lot different from claims against private motorists. These differences include:

  • Liability Issues: The insurers at risk for truck accident liability typically face exposure of up to $1 million or even more in a severe accident case, and therefore have a great deal of incentive to fight hard on the issues that bear on the defendant’s fault. The defense will usually rely on forensic experts to present the argument that the accident was wholly or partially the motorcyclist’s fault.
  • Damages Issues: Bikers who survive a crash involving a semi-truck or other heavy vehicle are likely to need long-term medical care, rehabilitation or assisted life-care for catastrophic injuries. They may not have the opportunity to settle their cases at the policy limits, as might happen in an Orlando car accident. Instead, lawyers will need to document every aspect of the claims, even into the millions, and often over a defense expert's calculations.
  • Insurance Coverage Issues: Several different defendants might be involved in a truck accident case because different parties own or operate different components of the semi rig. The defendants might blame one another as well as the motorcyclist for the errors that led to the crash. Your lawyers need to make sure that as many insurers as possible remain responsible for in a catastrophic motorcycle accident case.

Truck Accident Law Firm

Our law firm has extensive experience with truck accident litigation across the range of issues that are likely to arise, such as:

  • Accident scene investigation
  • Documentation of serious injury claims
  • Insurance coverage denials and disputes
  • Safety regulations regarding the operation of semi trucks and trailers

Many of the following issues can surface in motorcycle crash cases involving smaller commercial vehicles:

  • Maintenance trucks
  • Hotel or airport shuttles
  • Taxis
  • Limos
  • Delivery vans

As a motorcycle rider himself, personal injury attorney Michael B. Brehne takes a personal interest in promoting safe biking and helping injured riders receive the money they deserve for severe injuries.

To find out more about our experience with motorcycle-truck accident litigation in Florida, contact our Central Florida motorcycle and commercial vehicle accident attorneys at 911 Biker Law.