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After a car accident, drivers are expected to remain at the scene in order to ensure that everyone is safe and exchange contact information with the parties involved. This is a general principle that is required of drivers even if they are not to fault for the accident. When drivers fail to follow this general rule, not only is it considered inhumane, but it is illegal. If you have been involved in a hit & run accident, an auto accident lawyer in Orlando, FL, may be of great assistance to you.

Hit & Run Accidents | Orlando Accident Attorneys

A hit & run is defined as an accident in which a driver either:

  1. Hits a car and speeds off without returning to the scene.
  2. Hits a parked car and fails to leave necessary contact information before fleeing the scene.

Fleeing the scene of a car accident without providing basic contact information or ensuring the safety of others is considered illegal. A driver convicted of a hit & run may face serious criminal consequences depending on the nature of the accident, the severity of injuries and the total damages. Whether you become a victim of a hit & run, or if you are a driver who flees a scene after an auto accident, you should contact an experienced Orlando car accident lawyer. At the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., you can trust that our Orlando attorneys will make the process a bit simpler.

What To Do After A Hit & Run

If you become a victim of a hit & run accident, it is best that you gather and record as much information as possible. After parking your vehicle in a safe area and receiving the necessary medical attention, you should contact the local police authorities. Official police officers will be a great asset to you as they have the power and expertise to investigate the scene and even review road cameras. While at the accident scene, it is important that you record the specific details of the accident, including the date, time and the events that led up to the accident. You should also attempt to remember as much as possible about the driver and car that hit you. Details such as the driver’s frame, license plate number (if possible), and the model and make of his/her vehicle may be of great assistance later. If you are involved in a hit & run should take many photos of the scene and damages. If there are any witnesses around, be sure to exchange contact information with them. Lastly, it is essential that you contact your insurance company to report the accident.

Who Affords Damages & Injuries?

Hit & run accidents are easier to address with the assistance of an Orlando accident attorney. There are damages, injuries and other expenses that must be afforded. If the driver who is responsible for the hit & run is successfully identified, then he/she will be responsible for taking care of your expenses. However, if the driver is unidentifiable, your own insurance company will likely compensate you. All auto insurance companies have special coverages and plans that cater to the needs of their clients after a hit & run accident. A personal injury attorney will be vital to you during this process for the following reasons:

  • Insurance companies often give their clients a difficult time in efforts to make profit. Orlando accident attorneys can place the necessary pressure on your insurance carrier to ensure that your needs are met.
  • Strong, compelling evidence and supportive documentation
  • Legal representation, advice and guidance
  • Thorough insurance contract policy review and analyzation
  • Investigation into the accident scene

By relying on car accident lawyers in Orlando, FL, you have a greater chance of receiving proper monetary compensation for your property damages and injuries.

Car Accident Lawyers in Orlando, FL

If you are involved in a hit & run accident, auto accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. will be more than an asset to you. Allow our passionate legal team to represent you during this crisis. Contact us today for a free consultation for insurance and injury cases.