Amputation Attorneys

Beyond the pain of injury and medical bills, the consequences of losing a limb in an accident reshape the trajectory of a person’s life. According to The Amputee Coalition, approximately 185,000 amputations occur each year in the United States, and nearly half are the results of trauma, such as car and motorcycle accidents.

Most people who suffer traumatic amputations are entitled to receive some form of compensation. The damages should account for pain and suffering and medical costs but also recurring challenges to quality-of-life, such as post-traumatic stress and reduced employment opportunities. Yet, while a person is recuperating from an amputation injury, the last thing they should be worrying about is chasing down money or arguing with insurers. That’s why having an amputation attorney with 911 Biker Law in your corner makes a world of difference — we assume all responsibility for the case while you focus on recovery.

If you or a loved one was the victim of a traumatic amputation and are seeking damages, either from the person responsible for the accident or from your insurer, contact our personal injury attorneys in Orlando to hire aggressive legal representation. To learn how we’ll do everything within our power to ensure you receive fair compensation to meet your immediate and lifelong needs, schedule a consultation today.

Vehicle & Motorcycle Accidents Resulting In Loss Of Limb Injuries In Florida

Florida is home to 14.2 million registered vehicles and the second-highest number of motorcycles in the country — over half a million, many of them in Orlando. Because motorcycle riders are more physically exposed while on the road, they also have higher risks of suffering amputation injuries during single-motorcycle accidents and vehicle collisions. Even car drivers aren’t exempt from the dangers of traumatic amputations. Despite the protection automobiles provide, their passengers, especially when they disregard seatbelts, are susceptible to limb loss from serious accidents.

As riders themselves, the motorcycle attorneys with 911 Biker Law understand the risks that bikers face on the road. After a motorcycle or car accident, contact our office to discuss your options.

Receiving Compensation For Amputation Injury Damages

Limb loss can result from a hard impact with a sharp object during a traffic accident (traumatic amputation) or be a medical necessity for one’s health afterward (surgical amputation). Both can be the basis for amputation accident cases. However, the main criterion for a lawsuit is showing that another party is at fault. For example, if a motorist loses a limb after a collision with a distracted driver, the latter driver, who caused the collision, would be responsible for paying damages to cover the other motorist’s injury.

In cases where amputations result from accidents, the value of hiring an experienced accident attorney is twofold. First, the attorney knows how to collect the right evidence to prove which party was at fault. Second, attorneys fight not only for short-term costs, such as hospital bills, but also lifelong expenses, such as physical rehabilitation or lost wages due to a physical disability.

Fighting Denied Insurance Claims For Prostheses & Amputation Treatments

Even if you’re the only person involved in an amputation accident, you still may have a case. For example, if an insurance company rejects a claim for medical expenses related to an accident in which a biker crashed on a rain-slicked street and lost a limb as a result, that could be grounds for an insurance claim dispute.

One source of insurance disputes are artificial limbs, known as prosthetics. Many people who lose limbs, particularly below the knee, need prosthetic limbs to work and live a normal life. Prosthetics are often made with high-tech, lightweight materials and have complex functionality. However, they’re also priced as high as $50,000, while the wearer usually needs to be refitted for a new device every three to five years.

Any insurer that denies coverage for a prosthetic device (and, really, for most types of post-amputation care) puts a significant financial burden on the person who must now pay those medical expenses out of pocket. By negotiating with insurers, even taking them to court when necessary, an insurance dispute attorney from our firm can provide you with long-term medical savings.

Status Of Insurance Protections For Amputees In Florida

Hiring an attorney who handles insurance disputes is particularly important for amputees in Florida because this state has not passed the proposed Insurance Fairness for Amputees bill. This proposed law would require individual and group insurance providers to provide amputees with benefits that are at least commensurate with Medicare benefits. However, when the bill was last brought up in the Florida legislature in 2012, it died in committee. And so, with no legal protections in place, amputees need their insurance providers to pay every cent of benefits that are available to them — this is a job our attorneys can help with.

Speak To An Orlando Personal Injury Attorney About Your Amputation Injury Case

The journey to recovery after an amputation injury is arduous enough without having to fight for money or insurance payouts. Let the loss of limb attorneys with 911 Biker Law handle these matters so you can concentrate on restoring your health and putting your life in order — contact our personal injury law firm today.

(For additional support along the way, join an amputee peer support network in your area.)