Hurricane Damage Claims Attorney

In places with large bodies of water such as Florida, hurricane season causes many to worry. It is a time of severe tropical cyclones of heavy rain and strong winds. Not only do these storms pose the risk of bodily harm, but they leave property damage that is difficult to repair. While insurance policies exist to help families afford reparations caused by hurricane damage, many hurricane damage insurance claims are denied each year. If you have experienced hurricane damage, an Orlando insurance lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. can help you gain the compensation that you deserve.

Hurricanes Cause Disastrous Damage

It is no doubt that hurricanes are disastrous. Hurricane Katrina (2005) and Hurricane Sandy (2012) were clear examples of this, especially since some families are still suffering from property damage and loss resulting from these historically strong tropical storms. Due to heavy winds, storm surges, rises in sea levels, large waves, mud slides, flying debris and flooding, hurricanes typically result in disastrous damages. The combined force of wind and water may knock down trees, limbs and even buildings. Common property damage caused by hurricanes may include roof collapses, roof dents, presence of excessive amounts of debris within homes, failed heating and cooling units, shattered windows and siding damage. Further, automobiles may end up with poor engines, broken windows, scratched paint and deep dents. With such types of damage, property owners are entitled to hurricane insurance claims. An insurance attorney in Orlando, FL can help you prepare a hurricane insurance claim that is approved by your insurance adjuster.

When Storms Result in Home Damage

When and if your home is damaged by a storm, there are steps that you should to take to guarantee your safety and ensure that you have a successful claim. Consider the following recommendations.

  1. Protect your home from further damage. This may mean closing any windows so that rain, winds and flying debris do not add to the destruction in your home.
  2. Inspect your home. When it is safe to do so, thoroughly inspect the exterior and interior of your home. Check for damaged, broken goods and malfunctioning systems.
  3. Record. As you investigate your home for damages, be sure to compile a list of the things/areas in need of repairment. You should also take photographs to serve as evidence when you submit your claim for compensation with your insurance carrier.
  4. Contact your insurance carrier. Upon locating and gathering data supporting the damages in your home, you should contact your insurance carrier. If you have standard home insurance, your hurricane damages will most likely be covered. File a claim.
  5. Modestly clean. After you have successfully documented the damages in your home, you may clean your home and/or remove debris so that you may live comfortably without the threat of safety hazards. It is important to avoid engaging in heavy work, however, since contractors will take care of such damages once your insurance claim is approved.
  6. Contact an Orlando, FL insurance dispute attorney. In the event that your hurricane insurance claim is denied (and this happens more commonly than people may think), you will need legal guidance and representation.

Hurricane Policy Claims | Reasons for Denial

Home and property insurance policies are in place to protect people’s assets when unforeseen and/or unfortunate circumstances occur. Instead of families being solely responsible for repairing their homes when disaster strikes, they are able to seek monetary resources from their insurance companies to take care of the expenses. However, in many cases, hurricane damage claims are denied.

Bad Faith Insurance Tactics

There are many reasons why a hurricane insurance claim may be denied. It is important to note that insurance companies aim to earn profit. The more claims that insurance adjusters approve, the less money that insurance companies are able to make. This does not mean that all insurance companies operate under bad faith practices and/or deny claims for the sole purpose of making money, but in some cases, this is the case. If you believe that your insurance carrier is acting unfairly in its proceedings, it is crucial that you contact a bad faith insurance law firm.

Discrepancies in Insurance Coverage Plans

Other times, hurricane insurance claims are denied because of discrepancies in the coverage plan. There are many insurance companies that do not protect against flooding. Since hurricanes are a combination of strong rain and winds, and often result in excessive flooding, many insurance companies deny claims by classifying the damages at hand as the sole result of flooding.

Policyholder Errors

If you know that your insurance claim is legitimate, it may be best to re-review your claim. As with all important documents, poor submission and/or the presence of avoidable errors may result in an outright rejection of your claim. If a claim is not submitted in a timely fashion, or if a claim fails to provide evidence that supports the damages, then it will likely be denied. Before filing a hurricane insurance claim, contact an insurance claim lawyer in Orlando, FL to ensure that your claim is completed correctly.

Orlando Insurance Attorneys

If you are a policyholder wishing to gain compensation for property damages caused by a hurricane, an insurance claim lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. will be beneficial to you. Our attorneys are able to review your insurance policy contract so that you understand your rights and privileges as a policyholder, help you prepare your claim with compelling evidence and supporting documentation, and aggressively dispute your insurance company’s decision if your claim fails to be approved.

After a hurricane, you have experienced enough setbacks. Allow our Orlando hurricane damage insurance lawyers to represent you.