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Insurance policies are vital to every citizen’s well-being. Whether it is auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance, fire insurance, life insurance, or liability insurance, these policies play a central purpose: they serve to protect people during unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, there are times when insurance companies operate under bad faith. When your insurance carrier fails to deliver the duties specified in your contract, rely on an experienced bad faith insurance lawyer to protect you.

What Constitutes Bad Faith Insurance?

Insurance policies exist to help everyday citizens compensate for losses after an emergency or accident. Once a claim is filed, citizens expect to gain the compensation that is outlined within their given insurance plan policy contract. Because insurance companies must also earn profit, however, they sometimes make it extremely difficult for their partners to gain full coverage when an accident occurs. The insurance company may deny the claim, consent to pay only a small or partial portion of the claim, or delay payment for a considerably ridiculous amount of time. This is known as bad faith insurance. When it happens, insurance lawyers are needed to ensure that you gain proper professional treatment and that the terms of your insurance policy are effectively followed and distributed.

There are many ways that insurance companies exercise bad faith. In most cases, it can be seen via the following behaviors and tactics:

  • Refusal to afford valid property or auto damage claims
  • Refusal to defend customers against lawsuits
  • Professional negligence (such as forgery of numbers and other calculations, communication errors, untimeliness, deliberate misrepresentation of records, abusive or coercive tactics against customers into an unfavorable settlement)
  • Refusal to provide settlements aligning with the existing policy limits
  • Delayed payments and investigation
  • Denials against valid claims
  • Applying improper standards to invalidate a claim
  • Requiring unreasonable demands for proof of loss

As evident, insurance companies are known for being strategic and creative with their practices and reasoning for denying valid claims. Bad faith insurance tactics can be seen in all types of insurance companies. However, bad faith is especially common in complex claims that may involve multiple people, a myriad of damages and may cause the insurance company thousands of dollars worth of payments. Insurance companies are businesses. Although they serve the purpose of helping people during times of crisis, they must ensure longevity and profit. Hence, bad faith insurance practices are becoming increasingly common.

If you know that your claim is legitimate and you suspect that your insurance provider is acting under bad faith, you have the right to dispute. An insurance dispute lawyer can guide you through the process.

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Is Your Insurance Company Acting Under Bad Faith?

If you believe that your insurance company is acting under bad faith, there are steps that you can take to gain the results that you want.

  • Ask for a copy of your insurance policy contract.
  • Review the terms and conditions of the contract closely. Pay careful attention to the fine print, details and contingencies. Take note of percentages and time frames.
  • Compare the terms and conditions of the insurance policy contract with the actions of the insurance company.
  • If a decision has already been agreed upon, know that you have the right to appeal.
  • Contact a lawyer. An insurance dispute attorney can help you locate and present compelling evidence to support your claim, including documents, photographs, statistics and witness support. With aggressive legal representation, you can appeal a decision, or place pressure against insurance companies that misrepresent data, attempt to coerce you into settlements or delay investigative techniques and pay.

Do not allow an insurance company to take advantage of you and treat you unjustly. After signing their legally binding insurance policy contract, you are entitled to the terms, conditions and benefits that you were promised before your unique emergency.

Bad Faith Insurance Litigation at 911 Biker Law

Fighting against an insurance company is not a simple task. Often, these companies are owned by large-scale businesses and corporations. They have a lot of money, power and their own team of legal professionals to protect them. However, at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., our aggressive insurance claim lawyers have the skills, experience and passion to protect you from the most infamous insurance companies.  

Do you suspect that your insurance policy carrier is operating under bad faith? Contact our insurance dispute law firm today.