Motorcycle Insurance Claims Attorney

Motorcycle accidents can be quite dangerous so having superior insurance is vital. But what happens when you insurance provider refuses to approve your claim when your bike is stolen or following an accident? Unfortunately, there is a stigma against motorcyclists, but you do not need to be another casualty of this discrimination. Attorney Michael B. Brehne at 911 Biker Law is passionate about making sure that motorcyclists receive the representation only the best motorcycle attorneys in Orlando, FL can offer.

How to File a Motorcycle Insurance Claim Properly

Your main goal following a motorcyle accident or theft is to begin building your case and gathering evidence immediately. Take pictures of any important factors that may benefit you later on. This includes the state of your helmet, the surrounding environment and any other vehicle involved. If possible, you will also want to gather the contact information of any witnesses. Additionally, you will want to provide your insurance agent with the police report and any medical records that may be on file. 911 Biker Law can help you by reviewing the driving history of the other party involved, interviewing witnesses and consulting experts. Our goal is to prove that you were without fault so your insurance agency has no choice but to approve your insurance claim.

Common Motorcycle Insurance Difficulties

Insurance for your motorcycle differs greatly from your auto insurance. It is important to note the differences so you can make sure you are prepared for the worst case scenario. When you own a motorcycle, you are not required to purchase what is known as personal insurance protection (PIP) and it is not included in your average insurance package. Many motorcyclists are unaware of this and believe their medical bills and lost wages will be covered if they get injured in an accident. Therefore, you must verify that you purchase a policy that covers these factors.

Frequently, motorcycle owners will add expensive modifications to their bikes for functional or aesthetic reasons. Yet it should be noted that whether someone damages your motorcycle or you get in an accident, these additions are not covered on your insurance policy unless they are specifically mentioned. Another common insurance problem many riders face is discrimination. Motorcyclists are seen by insurance companies as reckless and they will attempt to prove that you are at fault for the damage or theft of your bike so they will not have to provide you with ample compensation. An Orlando motorcycle accident attorney will be able to help you prove that you are innocent.

How to Proceed if Your Motorcycle Claim is Denied in Florida

Even if you faithfully pay for your motorcycle insurance, you are not guaranteed coverage when disaster strikes. Insurance companies look for any possible reason to avoid paying your claim in full. This is where a motorcycle insurance claims attorney is most useful. Attorney Michael B. Brehne can help you stand up to large insurance companies to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Our team at 911 Biker Law can also make sure that you file your insurance claim correctly and you have the right form of coverage. If necessary, an Orlando insurance lawyer will seek payment from other parties that may be responsible such as another driver or a vehicle manufacturer.

Orlando Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If your motorcycle has been stolen or if another vehicle struck your bike, you do not need to be at the mercy of your insurance company. Your insurance provider should be assisting you and a motorcycle lawyer from 911 Biker Law can make sure they are doing just that. We will do our best to compel insurance companies to uphold their end of the contract so you receive the coverage you need to recover from your accident.