How We Help With Obstacles To Your Insurance Claims

How We Help With Obstacles To Your Insurance Claims

Insurance companies provide a respite from medical bills following an accident. While these benefits tend to support and alleviate some of the struggles associated with an injury, insurance companies are still out to make a profit, meaning they don’t always make it easy for policyholders to file a claim. One or both of the insurance companies involved with your accident may deny you coverage, offer too little compensation, or attempt to shirk responsibility. This can result in a lower payout and a big headache as you try to get your life back in order and your vehicle repaired.

If you believe an insurance company is attempting to argue for a lower payment on a claim payout, or the company is intentionally creating obstacles to stall or withhold coverage, then it may be time to call an Orlando motorcycle accident lawyer that will fight for your rights to adequate compensation for accident claims. 

3 Common Obstacles You May Face When Filing An Insurance Claim

Motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of sustaining injuries in accidents than those in four-wheeled vehicles, and insurance companies are well-aware of this. In order to reduce the amount paid out to policyholders in the event of an accident, there are many tactics that insurance companies pull from in order to avert blame (and payment) elsewhere. By being aware of these common methods, you can be better prepared for any obstacles you may face, and prevent any bumps in the road when you file a motorcycle accident claim.

Denied Coverage

Reading and understanding the coverage provided by your insurance company is the first step to avoid any unnecessary issues with regard to collecting your coverage. If your policy doesn’t include comprehensive coverage, you may also be liable for any instances of intentional acts or natural disasters, such as acts of vandalism or water damage from a flood. It may even be argued that the injuries sustained during the crash were a result of pre-existing health conditions, or that a lapse in coverage means that the incident wasn’t covered during the time of no insurance, leaving you to pay for expenses. Keeping up with and understanding your insurance policy can mean one less worry if you’re hurt while riding a motorcycle and avoid issues with insurance companies

Disputed Liability 

Insurance companies may contest your claim regarding the party liable for the accident. While insurance companies do their best to avoid providing payouts for damages and medical expenses, it can be a nightmare for the injured victim as they spend less time at work and more time accumulating bills. If an accident has occurred, it's important to properly record the scene of the crash, and any events that you can recall that led-up to the incident as this can help a motorcycle accident attorney determine if any negligence was involved and provide proof to help support your insurance claim. 

After an accident occurs, it’s in your best interest to ensure the other individual doesn’t require medical attention and, thereafter, exchange insurance information. Avoid yelling, arguing, making accusatory remarks, or even posting on social media after an accident occurs, as these could all be later referenced by an insurance company and used to hinder your case. Even with Florida’s No Fault Insurance law, you could still have to pay out of pocket for any injuries that occurred due to the accident as the insurance companies determine the party — or parties — responsible.

Poor Documentation

In the heat of a post-crash incident, it’s not uncommon to miss out on finer details, such as taking photos of damages or reviewing the area where the crash occurred. Even if a law enforcement official documents certain aspects of the scene while filing an accident report, it can be easy to gloss over crucial — but seemingly minor — elements of the crash, or even provide inaccurate statements following an accident. But police reports are still important, as they are heavily considered when insurance companies are filing claims.

Typically, police reports will provide helpful information, such as identification of the at-fault party, as well as noting any injuries that occurred due to the accident. This can protect you from unwanted violations of your insurance policy’s notification clause, as well as preventing either party from falsely claiming an injury occurred due to the accident, which will save you money in the future.

Calling 911 — and 911 Biker Law, thereafter — to ensure the completion and submission of a police report could make the difference between receiving a claim payout and paying money for a motorcycle accident. Contact our motorcycle accident attorneys today to discuss your case.

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