Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

After a motorcycle accident in Orlando, many riders or their loved ones seek out representation from a motorcycle injury lawyer with 911 Biker Law. Through the years, our law firm has helped numerous clients receive the compensation due to them following a motorcycle accident, enabling them to begin rebuilding their lives. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.

Typical Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can happen because of many factors and situations; some of the most common are:

  • Speeding;
  • Improper lane changes;
  • Failure to yield;
  • Distracted driving; and
  • Inability to see a motorcyclist in traffic.

Left-hand turns present a particularly hazardous situation for motorcyclists: if a motorcycle is traveling in the opposite direction as a vehicle making a left-hand turn, the vehicle’s driver may not see the bike and fail to yield the right-of-way to the rider; essentially, all five accident-factors would coincide, and with potentially catastrophic injuries for the rider.

Common Injuries From A Motorcycle Accident

In the event of an accident, motorcycles offer riders little protection from other vehicles and surrounding elements. To protect themselves, riders should always wear helmets and protective clothing, such as long sleeve shirts and pants made from a heavy material. Yet, even when taking precautions, a rider involved in a motorcycle accident can sustain one or more common injuries:

  • Amputations;
  • Brain and head injuries, including a concussion or other traumatic brain injuries;
  • Broken or fractured bones; and
  • Neck and spine injuries, including paralysis.

If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident, an experienced accident attorney with 911 Biker Law can present your options for receiving compensation.

How A Motorcycle Lawyer Can Help

Orlando motorcycle accident lawyers understand Florida’s traffic laws and have access to experts and specialists who can recreate an accident or provide other means to help build a strong case on your behalf. At 911 Biker Law, we’ve helped many clients put their lives back together after motorcycle accidents by securing for them fair settlements. Our methods for pursuing a settlement include:

  • Collecting and reviewing accident reports compiled by law enforcement;
  • Gathering witness statements and deposing witnesses when necessary;
  • Conferring with forensic experts; and
  • Reaching out to and negotiating with the insurance company.

Can I Recover Compensation After An Accident?

Compensation after a motorcycle accident generally results through negotiations or litigation with the negligent party or the insurance company. A motorcycle injury lawyer with 911 Biker Law can help you recover compensation for several areas.

Medical Expenses

Depending on the severity of the injuries, lifelong care and treatment may be necessary. An attorney can help you file for compensation for current and future medical expenses, such as physical therapy or surgery.

Loss Of Consortium

Following a motorcycle accident where a spouse or parent is killed, the surviving spouse or minor child can receive compensation for a loss of consortium. The compensation aims to provide a remedy for emotional and psychological support, companionship, and services the deceased relative would have otherwise provided.

Lost Wages

A debilitating injury can take away a rider’s ability to work. But an attorney can help you receive compensation for lost wages — the earnings you would have otherwise earned if you were able to continue working.

Pain & Suffering

To determine the appropriate compensation for pain and suffering, the type of injury, duration of the recovery, and degree of pain are considered. The amount is generally awarded as motorcyclists can opt not to carry personal injury protection insurance through their motorcycle insurance coverage.

When you contact 911 Biker Law, you’re not speaking with just an accident attorney in Orlando, FL, but also an avid biker. Our attorneys are passionate about motorcycles and safe riding, and we understand the anguish that occurs after a motorcycle accident. Preserving our clients’ rights and fighting for their best interests until satisfactory resolutions are created is our No. 1 goal every time. For comprehensive legal representation, contact 911 Biker Law today.