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It’s a split-second decision many drivers make daily: When a traffic light ahead changes to yellow, do you hit the brakes or continue through the intersection? Hitting the brakes can be a risk because there’s no way to know if the vehicle behind you will stop in time, while continuing through the intersection poses the risk of running a red light and potentially causing an accident with another vehicle.

What Is A Red Light Violation?

Running a red light, or committing a red light violation, occurs when:

  • A vehicle enters the intersection after the red light has illuminated;
  • Failing to make a complete stop before proceeding with a right turn on a red signal; and
  • Making a right-hand turn at an intersection where such a maneuver is prohibited.

Along with law enforcement officers to cite drivers for running a red light, some municipalities, including Orlando, FL, have begun using red light cameras. Regardless of how you receive the traffic ticket, the traffic ticket lawyers in Orlando with 911 Biker Law can help build a strong traffic ticket defense for your situation. Contact our law firm today.

Dangers Of Red Light Violations

Driving through any traffic signal creates a dangerous situation, but running a red light is particularly precarious. Red light violations caused 9,922 crashes throughout Florida in 2016, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FDHSMV), resulting in 75 deaths and 689 incapacitating injuries. These are just a few possible dangers of failing to adhere to a red light:

  • Depending on the intersection location and time of day, there may be a high volume of traffic, putting many other drivers — and property — at risk of damage and injury.
  • Bicyclists are abundant and, like motorcyclists, are completely exposed to the situation and surroundings when a crash occurs.
  • Pedestrians using a crosswalk enter the crosswalk and intersection when the walk signal activates. A driver running a red light can strike and potentially fatally injure pedestrians within seconds. In this situation, a driver may face additional moving violations beyond the red light violation.
Red Light Violations Attorney

Florida’s Red Light Camera Law & Court Challenges

Also known as the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, Florida’s red light camera law was enacted in 2010. Orlando and all Florida cities were then authorized to install red light cameras if they wanted to.

But, the law has faced heavy scrutiny from legal points of view, including over the constitutionality of red light cameras. Multiple bills aimed at banning the cameras have been filed in the Florida legislature but fail to be passed in both houses.

A May 2018 Florida Supreme Court ruling stated red light cameras can continue to be used by municipalities. The related case involved the city of Aventura, FL, and the amount of power an outside vendor the city contracted with — not law enforcement — had to determine if the photos taken by the city’s red light cameras displayed a red light violation.

Penalty For Running Red Lights

Red light camera tickets have a $158 fine but aren’t added to your driving record unless you fail to pay the fine within 60 days of notification. Failure to pay within this timeframe will result in a uniform traffic citation also being issued with all related information to FDHSMV who may issue a driver’s license suspension. For tickets written by a law enforcement officer, the fine may be more than $158 along with four points added to the driver’s license.

What To Do If You’ve Received A Red Light Violation

If you’ve been cited for a red light violation, whether by a law enforcement officer or from a red light camera, you generally have three options. For violations received within the city of Orlando that are captured by a red light camera, drivers receive a notice of violation. A red light violations attorney with 911 Biker Law can discuss the options available for your case.

Review The Notice

It’s important to review the notice of violation as these violations are sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. This can create a situation if someone else was driving your vehicle and committed the moving violation. Florida Statute § 316.0083 allows for the notice of violation to be transferred to the other driver.

Contest The Violation

Red light violations may be contested by requesting an administrative hearing through the local administrative court. A notification will be mailed to you after the request has been processed. A vehicular crimes attorney with 911 Biker Law can then assist you with preparing for the hearing.

Contact An Orlando Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Traffic ticket attorneys such as those with 911 Biker Law understand traffic situations can be nuanced. They also understand Florida statutes governing traffic controls and will thoroughly research the situation and build a compelling defense in your favor.