7 Repair Questions To Ask Your Motorcycle Mechanic

7 Repair Questions To Ask Your Motorcycle Mechanic

Whether the same mechanic has been entrusted with your motorcycle for years or it needs a repair for the first time, it’s always a good idea to have an open line of communication. The motorcycle attorneys with 911 Biker Law share seven key questions to ask a motorcycle mechanic before they turn a wrench on your bike.

1. What Does The Estimate Include?

Depending on the mechanic and the specific shop, an estimate can be a ballpark number or fairly precise. Some motorcycle mechanics strive to provide an all-encompassing estimate of what they believe needs to be done. Others use ballpark estimates to include wiggle room in case another issue is found or the repair takes more time than initially expected. Always ask for the estimate in writing.

2. Is The Motorcycle Repair Worth It, Or Should I Replace My Bike?

In a perfect world, your beloved motorcycle would last forever. Unfortunately, there comes a day when every rider needs to weigh the continued cost of repairs against buying a new motorcycle. If you have any doubts, ask the mechanic. A good mechanic will be honest about the condition of the motorcycle and provide all information to help you make the right decision for the situation.

3. How Long Will The Repairs Take?

Some repairs are straightforward and the mechanic should be able to give an accurate timeframe for completion. Others that are either more complex or need to have parts ordered usually take a full day or longer. Asking how long they’ll be working on the bike is also helpful for planning — or rescheduling — any upcoming road trips.

4. What Can I Do To Avoid This Problem In The Future?

You already know regular oil changes and tire rotation are key to the longevity of your bike, but so is knowing if an issue can be prevented. Getting professional tune-ups performed as recommended by the manufacturer and any repairs done in a timely fashion is a good start for regular motorcycle maintenance.

5. Do You Offer Any Warranty For The Repairs?

A good motorcycle mechanic and shop will offer a warranty on all work performed. Yet, it’s always a good idea to ask about the warranty and have the mechanic explain or provide examples of repairs and situations covered by the warranty. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if any part of the warranty is unclear or you’re unsure.

6. Will I Need Follow-Up Repairs?

Depending on the repair, the bike may need more meticulous maintenance going forward or the mechanic will need to follow up after the repair. Always ask a mechanic what can and should be done to make the repair last.

7. What Is Your Experience With Bikes Like Mine?

Some mechanics specialize with specific brands and styles of motorcycles while others can work on any motorcycle that comes into the shop. Late-model bikes differ from their older counterparts and often require up-to-date diagnostic equipment and tools for effective repairs.

Other Questions To Keep In Mind

While you may come up with your own questions to ask, here are a few others to take into consideration before dropping your bike off for motorcycle service:

  • Look around the shop — is it clean and organized?
  • How many other motorcycles are waiting for repairs?
  • How are the on-site motorcycles stored and protected?
  • Does the mechanic and/or other shop employees listen to your concerns or take time to fully explain any answers?

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