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Many people all over the country love to ride motorcycles. It is more than just a hobby — it is a way of life, and Florida is a great place for motorcycle enthusiasts. Unfortunately, even when exercising proper caution accidents can occur, and an accident while operating a motorcycle can be much more severe than in a car. If you were the victim of a vehicle collision while riding your motorcycle and suffered injuries, then you need the assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. At 911 Biker Law, we can provide you with a motorcycle accident attorney Orlando, FL, residents can trust to fight for the the compensation they deserve.

What Qualifies Us For Motorcycle Law?

At 911 Biker Law, we believe in the safety of every motorcycle rider and will fight for you if you are the victim of a motorcycle accident that resulted in injuries or property damage. Our goal is to maximize the total compensation that you may receive for the injuries you sustained, medical bills, lost wages, and suffering you’ve experienced. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable and skilled to guide you through the entire claims process, offer you counsel, protect your rights, and build the strongest possible case for you. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of Florida insurance law as well as litigation in injury claims and have represented many motorcycle riding clients such as yourself.

Michael B. Brehne: Motorcycle Attorney

Michael B. Brehne is the leading Orlando accident attorney at 911 Biker law. He has over 16 years of experience as a civil justice attorney and offers his services primarily on injury cases and insurance litigation. Apart from experience as a personal injury attorney, Michael B. Brehne also served as an auxiliary trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol, a full-time Orlando police officer, and detective. During this time, he investigated hundreds of vehicle accidents which helped him first-hand better understand the injuries accident victims can endure and the difficulties they face.

Michael B. Brehne is also a motorcycle enthusiast. He enjoys riding as well as participating in and hosting motorcycle events throughout Florida. As a motorcyclist himself, Michael B. Brehne understands the dangers posed to motorcyclists while on the open road. He is dedicated to spreading awareness on motorcycle safety and fighting for motorcyclists in Florida and out-of-state who have been injured due to another driver’s mistakes or negligence.

Watching Out for Florida Motorcyclists

Motorcycle lawyer Michael B. Brehne, has co-written a book titled, “Watching Out For Motorcyclists - Freedom - Liberty - Justice - Legal Rights of the Injured Biker”. The book was written for those injured in a motorcycle accident as well as their families to serve as a helpful resource. However, the book contains valuable information that should be read by every driver in Florida. “Watching Out For Motorcyclists” provides helpful information about the laws and challenges that apply to motorcycle accident injury cases and claims.

911 Biker Law and Michael B. Brehne offer “Watching Out For Florida Motorcyclists” for free to help spread awareness of the issues that face drivers in Florida today. Click here to download your copy.

Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It is very important to contact a trusted law firm in Orlando if you have suffered injuries due to a collision while you were riding a motorcycle. The right law firm will fight to protect your rights and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries. At 911 Biker Law, we want the best for our clients and strongly advocate motorcycle safety. We provide free resources for everyone to become better, safer drivers including Michael B. Brehne’s new book, vital riding information, a free tow card, and more. Contact us today for a motorcycle accident lawyer in Orlando, FL, you can trust.