Warnings To Be Issued For Distracted Driving In Florida

Warnings To Be Issued For Distracted Driving In Florida

Beginning Oct. 1, 2019, Florida police will issue warnings to drivers found using handheld devices within school zones, as well as construction zones where workers are present. The warning period will run through Dec. 31, 2019, after which police can start issuing tickets. The ban is part of Senate Bill 76, introduced earlier this year, which aims to decrease the occurrence of automobile-related injuries and deaths due to distracted driving. Find out more on what to expect from these changes with the help of our traffic ticket lawyers at 911 Biker Law.

How Is This Different From Laws Passed Earlier?

Changes in Florida’s automobile laws began earlier this year on July 1 when texting while driving became a primary violation. Because of that change in the law, police officers can now stop and ticket drivers solely on the basis of texting and driving. The law had a few exceptions, however. Drivers were still allowed to make phone calls and use navigation systems as long as direct handling of the mobile device was left to a minimum. Starting on Oct. 1, these exceptions will no longer be valid when using handheld devices in school and construction zones where workers are located. This part of the bill bans all handling of mobile devices while driving through these zones (the only exception being in an emergency when you must call 911).

Will Warnings Count Against My Record?

No, warnings will not count against your record and there is no limit to how many warnings you can get. The purpose of the warning period is to educate drivers and prepare them before officers start issuing tickets. Past the warning period, you may receive either a warning or a ticket at the discretion of the officer. Fines start at $166 for a primary offense.

Find Florida Ticket Lawyers In Orlando

In the event you receive a ticket for texting and driving or become involved in an accident related to distracted driving, you can count on 911 Biker Law to represent you and ensure the protection of your rights. Our talented personal injury lawyers in Orlando specialize in cases resulting from motorized incidents and are prepared to handle cases in accordance with all changes made to Florida’s traffic laws. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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