The Benefits Of Using A Florida Public Adjuster

Public adjusters work as independent insurance professionals, separate from adjusters associated with a policy holder's insurance company, to help settle an insurance claim. In the state of Florida, auto insurance attorneys, such as Michael B. Brehne, can become licensed public adjusters.

In order to become licensed, one must go through several weeks of courses covering all types of insurance policies, including marine, aviation, boiler, commercial, residential, health, and, of course, auto policies. The course also went over the various coverages, conditions, exclusions, codes of ethics that must be adhered to, state statutes requiring good faith and fair and honest dealing with the public. At the end, a state certification test that covers all previous topics must be passed.

The hard work paid off and Michael was awarded his adjuster's license. But how does that help those who need to file an auto insurance claim? Learn more about public adjusters and how we can help Florida residents with insurance claims and get in touch with our Orlando insurance attorneys today to request a free case evaluation.

How A Public Adjuster Helps With Auto Insurance Claims

Say, for example, someone has experienced a motorcycle accident and is trying to file a motorcycle insurance claim. Typically, most individuals would utilize a public adjuster provided through their insurance company, but for those who prefer a more neutral party handling the case, a public adjuster can be a great choice. Even better, when utilizing a public adjuster who has experience dealing with insurance policies both as an adjuster and an attorney, such as Michael, individuals can ensure they're working with someone who has a deep understanding of the claims process. This includes the following.

  • Understanding What Damages To Look For
  • Determining Any At-Fault Parties
  • Estimating The Cost Of Damages
  • Evaluating If Medical Bills & Lost Wages Are Covered
  • Ensuring Claims Are Filed Properly
  • Assisting Policyholders With Claim Negotiations

Get In Touch With Our Insurance Claim Attorneys

Having the skills necessary to be both an auto claims attorney as well as a public adjuster is hard to come by. But in order to provide our clients with the best possible experience, Michael B. Brehne has gone above and beyond, working diligently to ensure he has a variety of skills available when tackling insurance claims. When you work with Michael B. Brehne and the team at 911 Biker Law, we're here to help you every step of the way. Our Orlando accident attorneys are well versed in a myriad of accident cases. From accidents involving multiple vehicles to single-vehicle bike accidents and everything in between, we're here to help. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation!

The Benefits Of Using A Florida Public Adjuster

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