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We’ve all been there — running a stop is a common mistake, and in many situations, was likely done entirely by accident. Should a person run a stop sign in front of an officer, they’ll likely be issued a failure to yield citation, risk paying a costly ticket, and may have points added to their license.

Moving violations are non-criminal charges; however, the ramifications associated with these violations can quickly overwhelm a person. Accrue too many points or fail to pay the ticket, and you may end up with your license being suspended. Don’t let a silly accident such as running a stop sign negatively impact your life. Contact a moving violations attorney at 911 Biker Law to schedule a consultation!

What Is A Stop Sign Violation?

According to Florida Statutes 316.123, a stop sign violation is a non-criminal traffic infraction, punishable as a moving violation. This statute outlines the strict rules Florida drivers must adhere to regarding stops signs. Essentially, in the state of Florida, a driver must come to a full and complete stop before the limit line ahead of a stop sign to avoid a moving violation. If no limit line is present, drivers must bring their vehicles to a halt well before any crosswalk lines. Slowing down to a near stop, looking both ways, and hitting the gas to go again, will not be considered a full and complete stop.

Penalties For Running A Stop Sign

Monetary penalties are most common for a stop sign violation. Typically, a ticket for running a stop sign will cost anywhere from 50 to 200 dollars in the state of Florida. However, they can cost exponentially more if the ran stop sign was in a school zone or construction site. Beyond that, traffic infractions will add points to your license, which may increase insurance costs. This can be dangerous, as should insurance become too expensive for an individual to continue to pay they may lose coverage, resulting in the suspension of their license. 

Being unable to drive can severely impact an individual’s professional and personal life. Luckily, a traffic ticket defense attorney at our law firm can help contest unjust charges and dismiss penalties!

Stop Sign Violation Defenses

There are many options available for disputing a stop sign violation. This is because these charges are usually based entirely on an individual officer's allegations and many drivers are unjustly accused. For a stop sign violation charge to stick, the accused driver must have approached a clearly visible stop sign and then failed to come to a complete stop. Some common defenses for this charge include:

  • The stop sign was hidden.
  • The stop sign is new.
  • The stop sign was knocked down.
  • Limit lines were faded or hard to see.
  • The accused came to a complete stop farther back, showing caution, and the officer did not notice.

How Our Traffic Ticket Lawyers Can Help

If you’ve received an unjust citation for running a stop sign, seeking the aid of one of our traffic ticket lawyers is your best chance at dismissing charges and avoiding penalties. Our knowledgeable traffic attorneys have experience defending clients against all types of moving violations and have helped numerous wrongly accused drivers successfully contest failure to yield citations. We will always fight to protect your rights and ensure justice is rightfully administered. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin planning your defense!