A Pleasant Night At The Drive-In

A Pleasant Night At The Drive-In

Our team at 911 Biker Law had a great evening at the drive-in presentation of Raiders of the Lost Ark at Ace Cafe. We worked with Enzian Theater to put on the movie night, and it was a pleasure working with their team. Thank you for the kind words!  We look forward to future drive-in movie nights, and we can’t wait to see what events happen next. 

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“Good afternoon, Michael,

I want to thank you for the 911 Biker Law sponsorship of our drive-in presentation of Raiders of the Lost Ark at Ace Cafe...

Enzian will be exploring a fall and spring drive-in series partnership with Ace Cafe probably around September. We really enjoyed working with them, and feel like we can get creative with some themed nights (American Graffiti, Grease, Easy Rider...) I will reach out to you in the next couple of months to see if you're interested in getting involved. Hopefully by then things with COVID-19 will have improved somewhat, and we can consider a more interactive, on-site presence for your law firm at the events...

I've attached a couple photos from the Raiders event. It was a hit, and was made possible with your support. Thanks again for stepping up to help our non-profit during this difficult time.


Janie Pope

Director, PR & Development 

Enzian Theater, Florida Film Festival & Eden Bar”

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